The Internship Program

The Internship ProgramOne of the purposes Triton TV is to educate students in video production and professionalism. The Internship program is designed to achieve this through various workshops and seminars that offer a hands-on learning experience taught by your peers.

The program runs every quarter and is open to all UCSD students to apply. Students that enter into this program will meet together every week on Sundays in Triton TV’s Studio and learn how  operate cameras manually, use professional editing software, and work efficiently and collaboratively with our team. Ultimately, each intern will produce their very own project using the skills/knowledge gained in the program. By the end of the program, every intern will be promoted to either staff or producer, but more importantly will be a part of a larger community of media makers at UCSD.

If you wish to apply,  click through to download the Spring 2014 Intern Application, and turn it in during our Executive Producers’ Office Hours, listed here, by April 11th, 2014. A comprehensive informational meeting for the Spring 2014 program will be held in the TTV studio Sunday, April 6th, at 2pm.