About Blogging

The all-purpose blogging username is ttvproducer. To login, go to wordpress.com and type in your username and password at the very top. If you have forgotten the password, refer to the Triton Television Producers & Staff Facebook group where it is posted as a doc. If you would prefer to blog under your own wordpress alias, email us at[email protected] from your wordpress email with subject header “Add Me to Blog”

Effective fall ’11, every Producer & Staff MUST make two blog posts per quarter. Blog posts can be worth up to 4 Triton Tallies apiece!

Your posts can be about anything, as long as it can be tied into TritonTV somehow. Here are some suggestions:

  • Reflections of your own project
  • Reflections from working on someone else’s project
  • A breakdown, how-to, or FAQ of your project
  • A progress report
  • Your analysis or review of a film/video or a production related gadget
  • Your opinion about a TV show or movie
  • Your thoughts on any topic that could be tied into TritonTV or your journey as a filmmaker

Your blog posts can be as concise or as long as you choose to make them. However, a post solely announcing the release of a video will not be counted towards your requirement.