Serious Offenses

Because TritonTV places a great deal of trust in its Producers, there are certain actions a Producer could make that would seriously damage TritonTV. We call these “Serious Offenses.”

If any TritonTV Producer is found guilty of any of the below, he or she will be immediately demoted and have his or her doorcode revoked until further notice. If any Producer is found guilty twice, he or she will be permanently banned from TritonTV. Staff will be banned on first offense.

  • Sharing one’s own (or anybody’s) doorcode with ANYBODY, whether or not they are a part of TritonTV
  • Sharing TritonTV login information with anybody outside of TritonTV
  • Sabotaging another Producer on shooting day (Missing a shoot, showing up unreasonably late to a shoot)
  • Possessing ANY TritonTV equipment outside the studio without having posted the applicable checkout info (with the obvious exception of handling equipment on the set of a Producer who has posted the correct checkout info)
  • Missing a production deadline without giving prior notice
  • Any other action deemed at any time by the Executive Staff to be seriously harmful to TritonTV