Team Breakdown

Every Producer & Staff is assigned to an Executive Producer.

The groupings by which you are assigned will determine a rule of thumb for who you should try to work with this quarter. Executive Producers should try to delegate to Producers & Staff within their own group, and Producers should try to pitch ideas to or seek assistance from their own Executive Producer. Again, these teams are only a guideline to help us stay organized – if you must recruit the aid of someone who is not in your group, don’t hesitate to do so.

David Freitas
Lissy Morgan
Basil Trinh
Edgardo Leija

Diana Gremore
Brittany Schnebly
Joseph Campell
Shayna Medoff
Oscar Bolanos

Alexa Rocero
Akash Kataria
Catalina Caraffo Zanetta
Yuka Murakami

Jazmin Marquez
David Schafer
Keita Funakawa

Jocelyn Coca
Jake Cushnir
Chris Chen
Sean Estelle
Anni Ma

Jesse Delbono
Alex Zhu
Brian Tran
Joseph Lieu