The Checkout System

How to use the TritonTV Checkout system:

1. Make a list of the equipment you will need for your project. Don’t forget little things like lenses, memory cards, batteries, nd filter, etc.

2. Check to view the checkout calendar, make sure your equipment hasn’t already been checked out for the day.

3. Sign into with the username ttv.producer. If you don’t remember the password, retrieve it under “Docs” on the Triton Television Producers & Staff Facebook Group.

4. Click on the date that you would like to check out equipment for.

5. Under “What” enter your name. Click Edit Event and under description enter EVERY piece of equipment you will take out of the studio. Include the time you will be checking out this equipment and the time you will be returning it.

6. Violating the checkout system is a Serious Offense. As such, IF YOU ARE EVER CAUGHT WITH ANY TRITONTV EQUIPMENT OUTSIDE THE STUDIO AND YOUR CHECKOUT INFORMATION IS NOT ON THIS CALENDAR, you will be immediately demoted and have your doorcode revoked until further notice. Second offenses will result in loss of membership. Staff will be banned upon first offense. The obvious exception, of course, is for those handling equipment while working on the set of a Producer who has correctly posted checkout info.