TTV Interns Winter ’12 – aka WINTERNS ’12 – were AWESOME!!

And they’re not interns anymore, they’re our new Producers and Staff!!!


Taylor Chan
David Freitas
Monica Lee
Amber Glancy
Nick Goto
Brittany Schnebly
Linda Poggemeyer
Kathleen Trear
Jairett Epperson
Alex Zhu
Erina Alejo
Stephanie Monroy
Annie Griffin

Every quarter we get a new class of interns, and every quarter they ROCK IT HARDCORE!!! Winter 2012 was no exception – they blew me away with their dedication and the creativity and originality of their projects, and they rocked it with a great attitude the whole way through!! Don’t believe me? Why don’t you see for yourself:

Taylor Chan – Out of Time

David Freitas – 7-10 Split

Monica Lee – Dreamcatcher

Nick Goto – Saturday is the Loneliest Night

Amber Glancy – Going Through the Motions

Brittany Schnebly – A Troubled Nation

Linda Poggemeyer – Ode to the Free Range Chickens

Alex Zhu – One Second One Glance

Annie Griffin – The Roommates

Where’s Waldo? UCSD – Stephanie Monroy

Sonny: Hidden America, San Diego – Erina Alejo

Tour of Tioga – Jairett Epperson

See all of their projects at

Can’t wait to work with this talented crew!!